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20 stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 stamps in total.



The flowers pictured on this set of four 34¢ denominated stamps are Freesia, Cymbidium Orchid, Longiflorum Lily, and Asian Hybrid Lily. These non-denominated 34¢ stamps were issued in a self-adhesive format. They were first seen in a non-denominated version issued for the 2000 rate change. 


Photographs of the lilies were by Robert Peak, Jr., whose father had designed several U.S. stamps many years previously.

34¢ Four Flowers Lilies Self-Adhesive Stamps 2000 (100pcs)

SKU: us_four_flowers_lillies_2000
$34.00 Regular Price
$27.20Sale Price
    Love Flourishes (U.S. 2018)
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