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20 stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 stamps in total.


Background: Bugs has always been known for his impeccable impersonations and his masterful masquerades, so the soon-to-be-revealed 10 designs on this pane of 20 stamps each showcase a costumed Bugs Bunny in some of his most memorable getups.


The original stamp artwork is based on Bugs Bunny’s iconic moments and was created especially for this issuance by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., featuring work from Warner Bros. Animation artists, who also created the sketches on the reverse side of the stamp pane. Greg Breeding was the designer and William J. Gicker served as art director.

Celebrating Bugs Bunny’s 80th Birthday Forever Stamps 100pcs

SKU: us_celebrating_bugs_bunny's_80th_bd_2020
$68.00 Regular Price
$43.80Sale Price
    Love Flourishes (U.S. 2018)
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