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20 stamps/page * 5 pages. You got 100 stamps in total.




On October 21, 2010, in New York, New York, at the Mega Stamp Show, the Postal Service issued Holiday Evergreens (Forever) special stamps in four designs in a pressure-sensitive adhesive booklet of 20 stamps. Designed by Howard E. Paine, Delaplane, Virginia.


Decorating with evergreens during the winter holiday season is a popular and appealing tradition. In 2010, the U.S. Postal Service joined in the winter celebrations by issuing Holiday Evergreens (Forever), beautiful new stamps that feature closeup views of the foilage and cones of four different conifers: ponderosa pine, eastern red cedar, blue spruce, and balsam fir.


The artist, the late Ned Seidler, was a gifted painter of nature subjects. When painting flora, he frequently used cut­tings from plants and trees in his own yard as a reference. He may have taken the same approach in working on this project.

Holiday Evergreens Stamps 2010 Forever Stamps 100 pcs

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